• Collaborative 4K Program - WSD

    NCECC: St. Michael, five day, 4K TUITION FREE is offered in partnership with the Wausau School District.  Classes are taught by experienced, licensed, teachers specializing in early childhood education. The inter-district public school open enrollment program allows parents to apply for their children to attend public school in a school district other than the one in which they reside.  For more information: WI DPI OPEN ENROLLMENT

    Monday - Friday

    Morning Session:  8:15am until 11:10am
    Afternoon Session: 12:05pm until 3:00pm


    4K programs encompass a variety of readiness experiences to promote social, emotional, physical and intellectual development of young children.  Each student is treated as an individual person and is allowed to progress at his/her own rate.

    Classroom time includes: 

    Exploration/Breakthrough - Calendar and Weather - Phonics Soup Sounds and Activities - Story Time - Math - Phonics and Literature - Pre-Reading skills - Writing - Art - Science - Social Studies - Whole Group Activities - Gym - Music - Library - Religion (optional)

    To register for  Newman Catholic Schools collaborative 4K program within the Wausau School District,  Newman Catholic Schools and WSD online registrations must be completed.  Please note:  4K Registrants – 2 APPLICATION FORMS ARE REQUIRED

    4K- WSD Collaborative Program
    NCECC: St. Michael - 715-848-0206


    Step 1            Visit the Wausau School District page:  www.wausauschools.org
                           On the right side click on "Click Here to Enroll". Complete and submit the online form. You will
                           receive an electronic confirmation following the completion of Step 1. The online registration
                           indicates your interest in 4K and preferred site of attendance; however, the registration form
                           must be verified before your child is fully registered and assigned to a site.  Follow the
                           instructions outlined in the email you will receive from the 4K office to finalize your child's
                           4K enrollment and secure a spot.

    Step 2              Once your child is fully registered, you will have to register with Newman Catholic Schools.
                             Visit the Newman registration page to start your process: New Student Application Process

    Step 3               A fee for the Optional Religion Class shall be paid by August 1, 2021.

    Step 4               You will receive registration confirmation from NCS.