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Newman Catholic Schools Fosters Disciples of Christ Through Catholic Faith, Service and Academics

How To Use This Site

With the new site comes some new concepts used, especially compared to how the older site functioned. To help create more organization, we used some new tools in the web development world to make things hopefully easier to find. 


Accordions offer a simple way to group common items in section without taking up a large amount of screen real estate. By using a clickable header, the content can expand to show grouped content when needed and hide content when not in use.

Below we have an example of an accordion. Click on the headers to expand the content.

We may also set up the accordion to automatically close a panel when switching to another panel. This is usually done to save on space on the page and make content a bit easier to follow.


Tabs are another way we can arrange content on a page. We can group similar types of content in tabs, which the user can switch as they see fit. 

Here is an example of tabs in use:

With Finalsite, our content manager, the tabs will also change into accordions on mobile screens.


We have created a page where you can view the calendars in various configurations. We have a tabs for Academic Calendars, Athletic Calendars (which are pulled directly from r-school, and lunch menus. 

Following Calendars

Our new calendars are set up in a way that allow you to connect to many calendar services you may use (Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, Outlook, etc...)

To follow we will first have to filter the calendars you want to follow.

  1. Navigate to our calendar page.
  2. Select the tab of the calendars you would like to follow (either Academic, Athletics, or Lunch Menus).
  3. On the top right, there are a couple of icons. Select the filter icon.
    Filter Icon
  4. We recommend that if you are following an individual school's calendar that you also follow our district calendar which include events such as teacher inservice and days off.
  5. In the window that pops up, deselect the calendars you do not want to show.
  6. Select the RSS feed icon from the top right.
    Feed Icon
  7. A window will pop up, giving different options to follow the calendar. Make sure to only do the next steps to the options that says "All selected Public Calendars".
  8. Hover over the ICAL button to get a set of options for the calendar feed.
    1. For a standard iCal, click on the option, copy and paste the feed url to your calendar of choice.
    2. For Google iCal, click on that option, copy and paste the url to Google Calendar in a new calendar.
    3. If you have a default calendar app setup on your computer, you can use the last option to import to that.
    4. For iOS, follow the instructions on Finalsite support to set up the calendar.

Welcome Videos

Here are some videos about some of the features of our new site!



The Header Utility