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    Newman Catholic Schools is committed to delivering a “guaranteed and viable” curriculum, and partnering with parents to ensure every child is able to demonstrate proficiency in each of the learning outcomes. This process begins with our 6-week old infants at our early childhood centers and continues through our elementary, middle, and high schools, preparing our graduates to meet the challenges of the future.

    The revised curriculum and online format will feature several important advantages:

    • Parent access
      • so they may support teachers’ efforts in the classroom
    • Teacher access across campuses and grade levels
      • so they may continue to collaborate to see that children are successful and sufficiently prepared for their future
    • A shift from “covering” material, to ensuring achievement of specific skills and concepts
      • so that teachers may employ their textbooks as one of many resources, relying on their expertise to select a variety of quality resources and ability to develop rich learning activities and assessments.
    • Increased rigor of higher-level thinking,
      • preparing students to go beyond memorization and comprehension (although those skills are necessary when new material is introduced) to analysis, evaluation, and synthesis, so that they may become true critical thinkers and lifelong learners.

    Questions/concerns regarding Newman Catholic Schools’ curriculum should be directed to the system’s Chief Academic Officer:

    Amy M. Mettlach
    Chief Academic Officer


    Ph: (715) 849-7732

    Note: All documents pertaining to academics and curriculum are continuously under review and may require periodic changes. These are working documents designed to change with the students’ curriculum needs. During this time, there may be temporary errors on current attachments until they are replaced by updated versions.

Staff Spotlight

Mr. Doug Beck



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Doug Beck

Meet Mr. Doug Beck, who is in his 3rd year at Newman Catholic Middle School.  Newman’s small class sizes drew him to teach here, in addition to the ability to develop creative lesson plans for his students; as a scoutmaster, he decided a teaching career would be another way for him to work with children to help them grow. Additionally, his communication teacher taught him that learning was hard work, but it could also be fun. Like many teachers, he is rewarded most in seeing his students learn.  He remembered one incident in particular when he was able to help a student who felt he was unable to learn.  As they worked together, Mr. Beck discovered the inability stemmed from a lack of organization and helped the student develop those skills.  As a result the student was successful and grew in confidence. Mr. Beck admits that there are some challenges to teaching, and worries that so few people are choosing to become educators, often due to the high level of education required and the relatively low pay. He hopes that in the future, the path to teaching is accessible to more people so that the profession will thrive.

One of his favorite units involves “a project where students make a physical, 3D map of Mexico, the Caribbean or South America.  It is displayed in the school hallway.”  Mr. Beck makes use of current educational technology; when asked what his “must-have” item for teaching is, he said, “My SMART Board.  I can use this for lessons, videos and with my document camera.”     When he is not teaching, developing hands on projects, attending faculty meetings, or giving feedback on student work, Mr. Beck serves as a Scoutmaster supervising fishing, hiking, camping, and canoeing trips as well as other outdoor activities.  He is also “into” fitness and watching NFL football.  Thank you, Mr. Beck for all you do for our students and their families!