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Kevin McCutcheon - Class of 1976

Kevin McCutcheon - Class of 1976

Mr. Kevin McCutcheon graduated from Newman Catholic High School in 1976. During his time at Newman. Mr. McCutcheon became student council president, an A student, and was later accepted to play football as a "walk on" at the University of Georgia. After graduation. he married his high school sweetheart, Chris (Kuehlman) McCutcheon.

The early 70's marked the last months of the Vietnam conflict, and Mr. McCutcheon chose to join the marines and spent 32 years of his life serving our country. He says that many people, both at home and at school. Felt that making the choice to join such a "difunctional military" in the mid 1970's was a "stupid decision." Mr. McCutcheon's military service allowed both he and his wife to travel all over the world and create lasting experiences and memories.

Today, the McCutcheon's have two children and two grandchildren and their faith has never been stronger. He says that Newman Catholic provided a foundation for their faith and good standing with the Lord. After Mr. McCutcheon retired, he worked as a consultant for a defense consulting firm as the European Account Director for Defense in Stuttgart, Germany. He retired from that position in 2013 and moved to Hickory, North Carolina.

Since then, he has been donating his time at the Marine Corp Aviation Association, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States, Marine Corp League, American Wine Society, and various church activities.

Newman students and s1aff would like 10 thank Mr. Kevin McCutcheon and all of Newman's alumni who have served In the United States Military and want them to know just how grateful we are of them.

"May God Bless and Keep you, may God's face shine on you, may he be kind to you and give you peace."