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Dora Schield - Class of 1956

Dora Schield - Class of 1956

Ms. Dora Schield graduated in 1956 along with the rest of the second class of the newly built Newman High School. Since the building itself was still being built, Newman Classes were held at St. Mary's High School. Since graduating, Dora has been a poet, essayist, oral historian, archivist, and editor. She has also volunteered for two Wisconsin Journals; the Wisconsin River Valley Journal and Prairie, which is an architectural quarterly, which is both archived in the Marathon County Historical Society where she was a docent and an oral historian in the early 1990's.

Dora has two daughters and a granddaughter that she loves to spend time with as much as possible, In 2005 Dora retired as managing editor of a national journal. Doa has fallen in love with the written word and Newman seemed to be big part of that. When I asked about her favorite memories from Newman, Dora sent me a list of stories and experiences from High School in the fifties.

Even as American and Newman culture was unfolding into more modern ideas, the dress codes were as strict as ever and in the eyes of the students the rules were meant to be bent. She says that the Dominican nuns, Father Cletus, and Father Hensler taught her both an amazing education and character and she is grateful to them and Newman for helping her become who she is today,