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Anna McCarty - Class of 2014

Anna McCarty - Class of 2014

Living her faith has always had a special place in Anna McCarty’s, Class of 2014, heart and has been a guiding force in the paths she has chosen.

Embracing the Catholic Faith was never a question in Anna’s family, it was not forced upon them but it was a simple and true part of their lives. Anna and her siblings grew up witnessing their parents growing together in faith and offering unwavering devotion to each other and God. The McCarty family has always taken the time to celebrate their faith together and the strong, Catholic foundation that Anna received helped her to be a true disciple for Jesus Christ.

Homeschooled through 8th grade, Anna entered Newman Catholic High School (NCHS) at high school. The transition was a positive experience that challenged her in new ways and opened her eyes to the beauty of education. She credits this to all of her teachers but especially remembers how Mr. Barbella, Calculus teacher, helped students understand the concepts of concrete, solid truth which strengthened her belief in good. Mrs. McRoberts, A.P. English & Language, had a wonderful way of helping students comprehend and find deeper meaning in literature, to find elements which helped them to be affected by the content.

While at NCHS, Anna learned the virtue of hard work, discipline, and how to use time wisely. Practical skills that translated outside of the halls of Newman. High school is a time of questioning which can be difficult but Anna found that a strong spiritual life and being challenged through academics and athletics was truly beneficial

The foundation of a Newman Catholic education served her well while at Franciscan University in Steubenville, OH. A Catholic university, faith was woven into all aspects of education. Theology courses were required of all students. Even within the Political Science tract, courses focused on the “Why” and how faith can help guide our political and moral compass. While at Franciscan, the Lord took any doubt she may have felt in high school and helped her shape it into something beautiful. Anna was surrounded by goodness, in the friends she made, in the classroom and on multiple mission trips. Seeing everyone’s dedication to their Faith moved her.

Upon graduating in 2018 with a B.A. in Political Science, Anna’s took on an internship with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA). When the internship ended, Anna moved home and unexpectedly found her calling, helping youth deepen their relationship with God.

She learned of a Director of Youth Formation position at St. Bronislava Church in Plover, WI. Though it wasn’t a path she had expected, the Holy Spirit truly works in mysterious ways because she found herself interested in the position and spent the next three years teaching CCD and Confirmation classes. Teaching led her to deepen her faith and find true joy in helping students to encounter Christ and open their hearts. Anna now teaches religion to 8th graders and upper classmen within the Assumption Catholic Schools system in Wisconsin Rapids, WI.

When asked to reflect on her journey thus far, Anna shared, “That everyone’s faith journey is unique. How they get there is less important than accepting that the trials, doubts, and sufferings that each of us experience, though difficult, are necessary to help bring us closer to God because they help us feel His love, forgiveness and healing. Let God’s grace help lift us up and help guide us.”