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Emilee Thomson - Class of 2009

Emilee Thomson - Class of 2009

“God has created me to do Him some definite service. He has committed some work to me which He has not committed to another. I have my mission.” These words of Cardinal John Henry Newman that I studied during my years at Newman Catholic have resonated with me. Everything I do can be done to serve God. I remember these words becoming action during the mission trip we took prior to my senior year. I was humbled by the foot washing ceremony on our last night as it made me realize that each of us has an opportunity to serve one another in imitation of the example set by Christ. It was here that the missionary spirit was planted within me. I have been blessed with my profession as a registered nurse, along with both Spanish proficiency and a strong faith that were fostered throughout my years in the Newman system, enabling me to serve as a medical missionary.

This year marks the fourth year I will join other Christians from across the United States to travel to El Salvador for 10 days. Each year we see a few thousand patients in remote medical clinics and perform over 70 surgeries, all while supporting each other in growing in our faith. I am overwhelmed by the gratitude the Salvadorians show us for the small ways we are able to improve their quality of life through surgeries or basic medical treatment. However, they teach me so much more – their reliance on God amidst a life plagued by poverty, violence, and political unrest is inspiring. I am reminded of Cardinal Newman’s thoughts – God has given me gifts and I am called to use these in service of His people.

I’m a registered nurse in the Cardiac ICU at Aspirus Wausau Hospital and I’m currently pursuing my doctorate degree at UW-Eau Claire to become a nurse practitioner.