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NCECC: Child Care Teacher - 2 OPENINGS

Job Description

NCECC: Child Care Teacher - 2 OPENINGS

Basic Job Summary, Qualifications and Expectations

Position Summary

This position requires a person who is able to plan and carry out a daily curriculum designed to meet the physical and developmental needs of a group of young children; it also requires the ability to maintain and take charge of a group of young children.  A candidate must also be willing to mentor other staff.


  • Complete a minimum of two noncredit or two for-credit department-approved courses in early childhood education and fulfill the state requirements.

  • Attend and fulfill continuing education requirements per DCF 251.

  • Maintain current certification from The Registry.  

Special Skills Required

  • This person needs to be sensitive to the needs of individual children and relate well to children, parents and co-workers.

  • Flexibility is a key element for this position.

  • Regular and punctual attendance is necessary to meet required adult-to-child ratio.

Job Description

  • Supports the vision, mission, and beliefs of Catholic School Education, infant care through Grade 12

  • Follows DCF regulations, Newman Catholic Early Childhood Center and Newman Catholic Schools Employee/Parent Handbook policies and procedures

  • Maintains a positive relationship with supporting Parishes

  • Maintains professionalism in all aspects of the job

  • Displays good organizational skills

  • Proficient in the use of technology (i.e. email)

  • Possesses good oral and written communication skills

  • Respects confidentiality and handles confidential information appropriately

  • Plans and implements activities to meet the individual and group needs of the children

  • Prepares materials in advance of the time they are needed for children’s activities or projects

  • Writes weekly lesson plans webbing curriculum around the individual child’s stage of development

  • Submits a copy of lesson plans to Assistant Director/Site Director one week before implementation

  • Submits a requisition for consumable supplies after taking inventory of onsite classroom materials and in storage areas  

  • Keeps classroom neat and organized at all times.  Eliminates all clutter.

  • Washes and sanitizes toys and other equipment according to classroom schedule.  Each classroom must devise its own sanitizing schedule and give a copy to the Assistant Director/Site Director.

  • Supports and implements positive child guidance policies and objectives.  Uses conflict as an opportunity for learning; tells a child what to do, not what not to do

  • Respectfully interacts with children, and provides a calm, nurturing and safe environment

  • Cell phones prohibited in classroom during child contact time

  • Encourages children to develop and use problem-solving skills

  • Encourages the development of each child’s positive self-esteem

  • Works cooperatively with all members of the Newman Child Care team and Newman Catholic School System staff for the safety and welfare of the children

  • Takes the children outside/to the gym on a daily basis for large muscle activities (except in inclement weather)

  • Knows the whereabouts of each child in their care at all times.  Knows the teacher-to-child ratio at all times

  • Maintains documentation regarding accidents, illness, behavioral, dispensing of medications and logs medication in appropriate manner per DCF 251

  • Demonstrates knowledge and participates in tornado, fire and intruder drills

  • Reports maintenance needs to Assistant Director/Site Director

  • Must be physically able to be involved in children’s activities, provide adequate supervision, and be able to respond to children’s needs quickly

  • Desires to grow as a professional by attending annual continuing education requirements per the state licensing regulations.  Full time requires 25 hours of continuing education and part time requires 15 hours of continuing education

  • Attends mandatory staff meetings

  • Maintains flexibility in hours.  May be asked to come in early, stay late or shorten breaks due to the needs of the center

  • Participates in the parent events, Christmas programs, open houses and any other event important to the Center’s function

  • As mandated-reporters, an employee at an Early Childhood Center who knows or has reasonable cause to suspect that a child has been abused or neglected, shall immediately contact the county department of social services or human services or a local law enforcement agency.  Consulting with administrative director is preferred

  • Performs other duties as assigned by the Assistant Director/Administrative Site Director

Work Hours

  • This position is hourly.  Work hours may vary per week.

Evaluation and Assessment of Job Performance

  • Employee will be evaluated within the first 60 days, 90 days and will again be evaluated on an annual basis.

  • Evaluation will contain two components:  Self-Assessment and Assessment by Direct Supervisor or by delegate