• Grant & Aid Program (GAP)


    Families seeking support for tuition are invited to apply for assistance through the Grant & Aid Program (GAP). The following information will help families navigate through the process.

    1. What is GAP and how does it work?

    GAP stands for Newman Catholic Schools’ Grant & Aid Program and allows families to apply for tuition assistance. The process is safe and confidential. Awards are based on need and available resources.


    1. How is GAP funded?

    GAP is funded through donations. NCS is blessed to have the support of generous benefactors who believe in supporting Catholic education. Currently GAP is funded through the Silent Cardinal Tuition portion of the Newman Cardinal Fund annual appeal, as well as, through support of the Two Eagles Foundation, and the Geisler Endowment Fund. Donations can be made towards NCS GAP by contacting the Advancement Office at 715-842-4805.


    1. How does a family apply?

    Families MUST first complete the student registration process to enroll for the coming school year before an application for GAP can be considered. GAP applications are submitted online through the NCS GAP Application portal by clicking the link: https://tinyurl.com/NCS2023GAP   


    1. How does the Grant & Aid Program work?

    Families apply for GAP through a safe, secure online application process by May 20, 2022. There is no fee to apply. Completing the online application is the easiest and quickest way to apply but a paper version of the application can be completed if necessary. To receive the paper application, reach out to Jacci Lepak at jlepak@newmancatholicschools.com or via phone at 715-845-5735.


    1. When will I find out about my GAP Award?

    Following the May 21, 2022, deadline, the GAP committee reviews all applications, meeting in early June to award assistance. Award notification letters will be mailed out by January 31.


    1. Who do I call if I have questions?

    The staff at the NCS District Office is ready and happy to assist you. Immediate questions should be directed to Jacci Lepak at jlepak@newmancatholicschools.com or via phone at 715-845-5735.