• Volunteer Opportunities

    Every family is an integral member of NCES: St. Mark community and we look forward to your involvement in the many events and activities offered throughout the school year.  

    • Halloween FunFest
    • Christmas Concert Cookies and Milk Social
    • The Giving Store
    • Catholic Schools Week Sock Hop
    • End of Year Spring Picnic
    • Classroom Parents
    • Coordinator for Conference Meals for Teachers
    • Popcorn Poppers
    • Yearbook Committee/Photographers
    • NCES: St. Mark Library
    • SCRIP
    • Newman Catholic Schools Winter Wonderland Auction
    • DARE Graduation Reception
    • First Eucharist Reception
    • 5th Grade Promotion Reception
    • Field Trip Chaperones


    Annual Spring Fundraiser
    H&S’s operating budget is obtained through this annual fundraiser, which usually takes place in February/March. We ask that each family donate an amount they feel they can afford. Typically families donate $50 or more or sell merchandise to profit that amount for H&S. A volunteer is needed to be a liaison between H&S and the fundraising company.

    Vendor Fundraising (Moola Milk Caps and Box Tops)
    Did you know that our school gets hundreds of dollars a year from the saved milk caps and box tops? Make sure you’re saving yours! Then you can volunteer to clip, sort and send out the coupons.  This is an easy volunteer activity that you can do from home! 

    Aluminum Cans
    Save your aluminum cans! Deposit them in the bin next to the shed (inside the chain-link fence) on the north side of the school.

    Fall Fundraiser
    Each fall NCES: St. Mark has a fundraiser — in the past we have sold candy bars, cookie dough, pizzas. This fundraiser is run by the school office, and money is put in a special fund. The principal determines how the funds are used. In the past it has gone for field trips, the playground, cubbies outside childcare, and the security doors.

    With the support of volunteers like you, the opportunity to meet the needs of the students and the school is greatly increased. At Newman Catholic Elementary School: St. Mark, we encourage parents and other members of the community to share their time, knowledge and abilities with our school. The cooperative spirit of parents, guardians, and family members working together with the faculty and staff creates a strong team which helps our children and school communities develop and grow.  Thank you for your interest in volunteering to assist our school community and students.