• Newman Catholic High School Senior Capstone

    Senior Capstone is a self-directed educational experience designed to further enhance student learning while cultivating crucial academic skills that are essential for collegiate success.  Completed in close consultation with a faculty advisor and an outside mentor with knowledge of the subject matter, Senior Capstone provides students with an opportunity to demonstrate writing proficiency and public speaking skills.


     The purpose of Senior Capstone is to provide students with the opportunity to use skills and information they have learned to create an impressive, culminating   activity for the conclusion of their high school career.  Benefits of the project include the following:

     Students are directing their own learning.

    1. Capstone provides an experience similar to one that many students will be required to complete in college.
    2. Capstone helps students to explore areas for careers or vocations that may be of interest.
    3. Students develop skills in critical thinking, independent research, organization, communication, writing, and speaking.
    4. Capstone can be an impressive element of a resume for college acceptance and scholarships.


    There are two options to choose from, an experiment-based research project, or a senior thesis. For detailed descriptions click on the option requirements under Forms, but these options include the following elements:

    Experiment-based Research Project*

    1. Research Paper (8 page minimum)
    2. Research Project
    3. Oral Presentation
    4. Process Log

    Senior Thesis

    1. Thesis (15-20 pages)
    2. Oral Presentation
    3. Process Log

    * Science based research projects could be eligible for the Ray Sr. and Maxine Szmanda Science Scholarship.