• Annual Safe Environment




    This information must be completed yearly by administrators, teachers, support staff, coaches (paid and volunteer), licensed child care workers, substitutes, and all volunteers. A report is required to be submitted to the Diocese of La Crosse each year by March 1st with verification dates for each person that volunteers.

    The Diocesan Safe Environment Program mandates that as a condition of your employment or volunteer service you must:

    • Submit to a criminal background check. This must be renewed every three years. New employees, substitutes and coaches (paid and volunteer) are required to initially be fingerprinted with a basic renewal performed every three years thereafter.
    • Annually update yourself on the procedures and issues related to child sexual abuse. This involves reading/reviewing the below mentioned red and green books as well as the safe environment training video.
    • Complete or update the Confidential Employee and Volunteer Questionnaire.

    For your convenience, the policies and procedures are placed on the Diocesan website:https://diolc.org/safe-environment/training along with the:

    • Green Book: Child Sexual Abuse Policy and Procedures of the Diocese of La Crosse
    • Red Book: On Sexual Misconduct for the Diocese of La Crosse
    • Required Safe Environment Training Video