• Campus Ministry

    The Campus Ministry Leadership Team (CMLT) is a group of Juniors and Seniors who were selected through an application process to be leaders in the school in matters of faith. They are individuals who are committed to faith and service, both within the walls of the school, but also in their families, parishes, and community.

    The CMLT members are challenged on a regular basis to grow in their faith and relationship with God. Through monthly meetings, they meet to pray, plan, and organize various elements of faith building within our school. They are asked to take leadership roles in witnessing to the faith and practicing the virtues that are essential to living in relationship with God.

    Some of the practical elements of being on the CMLT include:

    • Assisting and organizing class retreats for each grade level in the middle school and high school
    • Helping prepare for and assisting at the weekly celebration of Mass and other liturgical events
    • Parish outreach by being involved in their home parishes as well as parishes in the community
    • Leading prayer at the end of each school day and contributing personal prayer reflections used during the different liturgical seasons
    • And various other tasks

    As a member of the CMLT, members are asked to make a commitment to God and to live their faith. They are willing, through this commitment, to be role models within our school system and in our parishes. There is a level of expectation that comes with being a member, but this expectation is meant to provide the opportunity to deepen one’s faith and love of God.

    Each year, we extend an invitation to all Juniors and Seniors, with the approval of the pastor of their home parish, to join this team. We encourage all students as they approach their junior and senior year to consider this opportunity as a way to follow the path the Lord places before them.

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