• Founder's Day

    Newman Catholic Schools will again present honors at the next Founder's Day award celebration on Sunday, May 15, 2022. The Newman Founder’s Day committee is currently accepting nominees for recognition as part of the 2019 celebration and invite you to submit a nomination. Nomination forms can be mailed to:

    NCS Advancement / Alumni Office
    619 Stark Street
    Wausau, WI 54403
    Attention: Sarah Keene


    NCS Cornerstone: An individual (or couple) whose influence and support has greatly contributed to the success and growth of Newman Catholic Schools. Does not have to be an alumnus. (Current NCS employees not eligible). Nomination Form

    Distinguished Alumnus: This individual is respected in his/her community for their volunteerism and conduct towards their fellow citizens. The individual has made a positive contribution, specifically toward the Catholic community. He or she has continued to support Newman Catholic High School in such a way that present and future students will benefit from their influence. This person demonstrates the Christian values of our school and church into the greater community at large. This individual must be out of high school for at least ten years.  (Current NCS employees not eligible). Nomination Form

    Athletic Hall of Fame: This individual was an outstanding athlete at Newman Catholic High School and shows a high degree of Christian values. The individual has been out of high school for a minimum of ten years. Nomination Form

    Coaches Hall of Fame: The coach honored will have been a leader of high values that gave back to the Newman system with a desire to see all succeed. This individual was an outstanding coach at Newman Catholic High School who showed a high degree of Christian values.  This individual would have a cumulative tenure of 10+ years with a proven success record, as well as, being out of the Newman system at least five years. Nomination Form