• What is Scrip?
     is a gift card program that generates savings toward your tuition and for NCS while you shop for everyday purchases!  There are many local and national vendors.

    How it Works
    Purchase gift cards through the Newman Scrip Office or online at A percentage of each purchase (varies by vendor) will be credited to your tuition account quarterly.

    A Newman family recently received $1,272 in tuition credits by purchasing SCRIP when they shop. They also have grandparents who use the SCRIP program for their shopping needs and have their credit applied to their account.
    Sign up today and watch your rebate grow.  It's fast and easy!

    Use gift cards to buy gas, groceries, and everything else you’re already buying—while raising money. It’s easy, it’s rewarding, and it fits right into your busy schedule.

    Contact the Newman Scrip Office at or 715-849-7713 for more information and request our organization’s enrollment code to sign up at


    Do you love talking to people?  Do you want to meet more members of the Newman Catholic community?  Consider volunteering in the Scrip office!
    It's fun, flexible and is a great way to support our school system. Give us a call or email to volunteer.

    Direct Dial Scrip Office: 715-849-7713   


Getting started with Scrip on your phone!

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