Elementary Schools

Diocese of La Crosse - Central Wisconsin

Elementary Vision

  • Newman Catholic Elementary Schools are committed to the spiritual, intellectual, and social development of each child in a Christ centered environment that nurtures the understanding of the Gospel values and academic excellence. Aware of the dignity and uniqueness of all students, dedicated compassionate teachers help students feel safe and loved while building Christian values; emphasizing the love of God, respect for others, and respect for self.

    Eucharistic celebration, sacramental participation, and daily prayer are essential to spiritual growth of the students.  The elementary school community celebrates weekly Liturgy and receives Reconciliation throughout the school year.  At each Mass, students are provided additional opportunities to assist with worship.  Through various service projects and following in the footsteps of our namesake, Blessed John Henry Newman, the students do many outreach projects to support the needs of the greater community.

    A differentiated academic program challenges students to increase their love of learning. Students achieve quality academic success through a well-rounded educational curriculum designed especially for the unique needs of each individual student.  Caring teachers, strong academic curriculum, and a variety of teaching techniques create an outstanding learning environment.  Newman Catholic Elementary Schools, at both the St. Anne and St. Mark locations, offer a solid academic foundation which includes studies in Religion, Mathematics, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies. Instruction in Art, Guidance, Music, Physical Education, Spanish, and Technology is inclusive within the academic program.  To complete a well-rounded education, an interventionist provides ongoing support for students with unique learning needs.